Ann Lingard

Ann Lingard

A short biography

'Crossing boundaries'  between science and the arts: Ann Lingard  - as a scientist and fiction-writer - has always enjoyed weaving the two cultures together.

After a first career as an academic and research scientist at Cambridge and Glasgow Universities, working on immunity to parasites, Ann 'leapt off the career ladder' to take up a second career in writing and broadcasting.

Ann and her husband John Lackie live on a small-holding in North-West Cumbria, where they rear a few sheep, within sight of the Solway Firth and the Cumbrian fells.


  • NEW! A second edition of Ann's fifth novel, The Embalmer's Book of Recipes, with a striking new cover: buy the paperback and ebooks on Amazon and elsewhere

  • The Solway Firth - so much to discover and explore; read articles and find out about Ann's guided walks at Solway Shore Stories; read topical updates on Ann's Solway Shore-walker blog, and follow tweets at @solwaywalker

  • 'Lifetimes'  - a (free) book that recounts the fascinating stories of some of the participants in the Lothian Birth Cohort studies. Free ebook versions are also available.

  • If you'd like to hear about sights and sounds of the Solway shore, Ann and presenter Caz Graham took a walk in April for BBC Radio4's 'Open Country'

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