Academic works

1972- 89

As an academic scientist: more than 40 research papers, scientific
reviews, book chapters, eg:
Lackie, A.M. (editor & conference convenor) (1986) Immune Mechanisms in Invertebrate Vectors. Zoological Society of London Symposium 56, OUP.
Lackie, A.M (1986) Transplantation: the limits of recognition, in Haemocytic and Humoral Immunity, ed. AP Gupta, Wiley & Sons.
Lackie, A.M. (1988) Haemocyte Behaviour, Advances in Insect Physiology 21, 85-178
Lackie, A.M. (1988) Immune Mechanisms in Insects, Parasitology Today, 4, 98-105

Some of the primary research papers are available as abstracts or free texts via PubMed

Insect white blood cells (haemocytes) adhering to and encapsulating a 'foreign object'

(from Lackie, Takle & Tetley, 1985)